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Category of battery charger 3.65V to 84V, 0.5A to 100A, 5W to 2000W for all Li-ion / LiFePO4 / Lead-Acid battery pack - Index


5W~12W Plug Interchangeable Lithium Charger

5W~12W Wall Plug Charger Index

3P10-L0504E | 4.2V 0.8A

3P10-L0508E | 8.4V 0.6A

3P10-L1004E | 4.2V 1.7A

3P10-L1008E | 8.4V 1.2A

3P10-L1012E | 12.6V 0.9A

3P10-L1016E | 16.8V 0.7A


3P10-L0504S | 4.2V 0.8A

3P10-L0508S | 8.4V 0.6A


5W~12W Desktop Lithium Charger Index

10W~12W Wall Plug Lithium Charger Index

3P10-L0504 | 4.2V 0.8A

3P10-L0508 | 8.4V 0.6A

3P10-L1004 | 4.2V 1.7A

3P10-L1008 | 8.4V 1.2A

3P10-L1012 | 12.6V 0.9A

3P10-L1016 | 16.8V 0.7A

3P10-L1004S | 4.2V 1.7A

3P10-L1008S | 8.4V 1.2A

3P10-L1012S | 12.6V 1.0A

3P10-L1016S | 16.8V 0.7A


26W Desktop Lithium Charger Index

30W Desktop Lithium Charger Index

3P10-L2004 | 4.2V 3A

3P10-L2008 | 8.4V 3A

3P10-L2012 | 12.6V 2A

3P10-L2016 | 16.8V 1.5A

3P10-L2024 | 25.2V 1.0A

3P10-L3012 | 12.6V 1.8A

3P10-L3016 | 16.8V 1.8A


50W Desktop Lithium Charger Index

100W Desktop Lithium Charger Index

3P10-L5012 | 12.6V 3A

3P10-L5016 | 16.8V 3A

3P10-L5024 | 29.4V 1.5A

L100C-24 | 29.4V 1.8A

L100C-36 | 42V 2A

L100M-24 | 29.4V 2.8A

L100M-36 | 42V 2A


3.65V 5A MCU charger for Single Battery Cell

3.65V 20A MCU charger for Single Battery Cell

ABT050365 | 3.65V 5A


ABT200365 | 3.65V 20A



12V (14.4V) 5A MCU LiFePO4 Charger

12V (14.4V) 10A MCU LiFePO4 Charger

ABT050144 | 14.4V 5A


ABT100144 | 14.4V 10A



200W Desktop Li-ion Charger Index

500W Desktop Li-ion Charger Index

L200-24 | 29.4V 6A

L200-36 | 42V 5A

L200-48 | 56V 3.5A

L500-24 | 29.4V 14A

L500-36 | 42V 11A

L500-48 | 56V 8A

L500-60 | 72V 6.5A

L500-72 | 84V 5.5A


600W Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid Charger Index

900W Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid Charger Index

L600-12 | 12V 25A

L600-24 | 24V 18A

L600-36 | 36V 12A

L600-48 | 48V 10A

L600-60 | 60V 8.0A

L600-72 | 72V 6.0A

L600-84 | 84V 5.0A

L900-12 | 12V 40A

L900-24 | 24V 25A

L900-36 | 36V 18A

L900-48 | 48V 15A

L900-60 | 60V 12A

L900-72 | 72V 10A

L900-84 | 84V 8.0A


1200W Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid Charger Index

1500W Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid Charger Index

L1200-12 | 12V 50A

L1200-24 | 24V 35A

L1200-36 | 36V 25A

L1200-48 | 48V 20A

L1200-60 | 60V 15A

L1200-72 | 72V 12A

L1200-84 | 84V 10A

L1500-12 | 12V 60A

L1500-24 | 24V 45A

L1500-36 | 36V 30A

L1500-48 | 48V 25A

L1500-60 | 60V 20A

L1500-72 | 72V 15A

L1500-84 | 84V 12A


2000W Li-ion/LiFePO4/Lead-Acid  Charger Index


L2000-12 | 12V 100A

L2000-24 | 24V 60A

L2000-36 | 36V 40A

L2000-48 | 48V 30A

L2000-60 | 60V 25A

L2000-72 | 72V 20A

L2000-84 | 84V 15A




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